Steve Jekel`​

The Jekel Story

You've got someone in your corner, someone who understands the process. For over 3 generations starting in 1947 a work ethic defined by delivering excellence is our only job. 

Our Story

​During the early nineteenth century, large numbers of Dutch farmers, forced by high taxes and low wages, started immigrating to America. They mainly settled down in the Midwest, especially Michigan, Illinois and Iowa. In the 1840s, Calvinist immigrants desiring more religious freedom immigrated. West Michigan in particular has become associated with Dutch American culture, and the highly conservative influence of the Dutch Reformed Church, centering on the cities of Holland and (to a lesser extent) Grand Rapids.

The Jekel Family were originally farmers, settled from the Netherlands in Holland MI. Farming was difficult and in the late 1870s thru 1920 the family began to subsidize its farming revenue by harvesting ice, transporting it from the lakeshore into Grand Rapids and the surrounding communities.

The refrigerator arrived in West Michigan in 1914 and soon threatened income from the ice business. 

As a way to utilize the carts and trucks owned by the family, Jekel's began transporting goods and furniture and in 1946 incorporated into the first iteration of the moving and storage business most know today

WHY Our Story is Important to YOU

 Having to make important decisions alone is hard. Hiring an "expert" is expensive. Sharing with your peer group can be embarrassing because you feel like you should be a subject matter expert, but you're not.

NO ONE knows everything. We offer a fresh set of eyes and some cool tools for solutions to help your business.

STOP going it alone.​​