In 2018 we are going to pay for a free meal for an entire school supplied by a local vendor and approved by the school district.

This is a HUGE undertaking and it would be amazing to have you along for the journey. Please consider helping lift up those around you in need. 

MANY of the children who are unable to eat come from "working poor" or A.L.I.C.E.* households. The States and Federal Government provide assistance to the lowest, most impoverished families so that their children can eat at school.

Children that are unable to eat at school often com from homes where a single parent or both parents are working but do don't earn enough to pay for lunch on top of their other ongoing expenses and are not considered "POOR" enough to receive any kind of aid. This problem is MUCH more common in 2018 than it ever was before.

To learn more about A.L.I.C.E. households please CLICK below to read a white paper provided by the United Way of Wisconsin


Steve Jekel`​

Hundreds of children go hungry every day. Many do not qualify for state or federal funds for lunch. School is often the only place they eat a meal. Please help me by donating to keep these children fed

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