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EVERY California resident is eligible to receive storage until our facility is full. Crown Worldwide Mira Loma reserves all rights to end, suspend, terminate or change this program at any time for any reason

During this very difficult time CROWN Worldwide Mira Loma is offering 30 days of free storage to victims of the wildfires in Southern California until our facility reaches capacity.

Certain Restrictions Apply:

1) You MUST be a California resident with an address in an evacuation zone to receive 30 days of free storage. 

2) Pickup and Handling fees are not included in this promotion

3) Coverage for your goods is available for purchase from CROWN Worldwide.

4) Access is limited to normal business hours and specific appointment dates and times

5) A deposit is required for storage lots over 500#

6) Storage charges after 30 days are charged on a month to month rate, collected the first day of each month. There is no proration of storage rates.

7) Storage that is unpaid or unclaimed after 61 days may incur late fees and charges or subject to a facility lien in accordance with California State Law. .